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    • Big C - beyond drugs and treatments to support

      04 Feb 2017


      As much as advice on drugs and therapy, patients need help with funds, tackling drug shortages and even a place to stay.

    • Innovators 2016: Strategies

      21 Dec 2016


      Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) was recently chosen by PM360 as one of the most innovative strategies of 2016. The Innovations issue commended QuintilesIMS for OCE’s evolutionary approach to customer-facing teams’ interactions, communications, and collaborations with each other and HCPs (healthcare providers), so that the overall experience is more effective.

    • The CRM journey: linking CRM to revenue in pharma

      12 Dec 2016

      Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PME)

      This is not just another article encouraging pharma to make better use of CRM. Instead, commercial excellence leaders from QuintilesIMS provide evidence of a direct correlation between optimized CRM and improved business performance.

    • Artificial Intelligence is Pharma’s Next Frontier in Customer Relationships

      29 Nov 2016


      While a top performing sales person may have the ability to instinctively read customers, it’s likely the rest of the team could use a little help in drilling down to what a customer wants. That help has arrived in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Emiliano Gummati of QuintilesIMS explains how life sciences companies can train AI algorithms to drive business decisions to achieve greater success

    • What’s on the Horizon for the Life Sciences CIO? A Horizontal View

      12 Oct 2016

      CIO Review

      Richie Etwaru, Chief Digital Officer of QuintilesIMS, explains the critical role the C-level technology officer will play in pharm’s quest to provide orchestrated customer engagement. Delivering a coordinated and satisfying customer experience requires pharma companies to evolve away from vertical silos, to a horizontal operating model with a foundation of shared data.

    • Tailoring Analytics for Business Success

      08 Sep 2016

      In today’s increasingly complex healthcare climate, the field of analytics has risen to a mission-critical status. In the final installment of a 3-part series regarding information management, IMS Health experts discuss how business intelligence holds the power to improve business processes and customer engagement, and serves as a possible catalyst to current and new revenue streams.

    • Information Management Needs Proper Governance

      18 Aug 2016


      Data has become life sciences companies’ biggest corporate asset. Therefore, clean, properly governed data can make (or conversely break) an organisation. Learn more about this important aspect of information management in the second article of a three-part series.

    • Why Multichannel is not an in/out Option

      15 Aug 2016

      Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PME)

      PME sites IMS Health’s Gareth Dabbs, Principal, Technology and Services, in its examination of why European pharmaceutical companies have been slow to adopt multichannel strategies, and the imperative to embrace technology as they progress.

    • Multichannel: The Essential European Revolution

      12 Aug 2016

      Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PME)

      Sarah Rickwood, VP, European Thought Leadership for IMS Health, contributes her analysis of the use of multichannel and digital strategies by European pharmaceutical companies, versus other mature markets, and offers implementation success factors.

    • Information Management: Gaining Value from Data

      26 Jul 2016


      In the first of three guest blogs from IMS Health on information management, Mike Allelunas, GM of Information Management, advises life sciences companies to rethink their master data management (MDM) strategies, and define long-term enterprise information management (EIM) strategies.

    • Transforming Technology: The Future of the CIO in the Life Sciences

      13 Jul 2016

      Pharmaceutical Executive

      Pharm Exec editor-in-chief, Bill Looney, recently moderated a CIO roundtable discussion on how technology is transforming the life sciences industry, as well as the role of C-level technology executives. 

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